Dosensio has shut down business. See below for a brief description of the product. Inquiries can be directed.

Dosensio is dedicated to simplifying document collaboration and management modules of existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions in order to maximize employee productivity and facilitate information flow within and beyond enterprise boundaries.

DOSENSIO Zoom: Enhancing Your SharePoint Experience

Designed for users of Microsoft SharePoint, DOSENSIO Zoom is a solution which simplifies access and management of corporate documents. The product is as simple and convenient to use as Windows Explorer. DOSENSIO Zoom increases user productivity, reduces user training, and decreases the burden on IT support and maintenance. As a result, DOSENSIO Zoom maximizes ROI on SharePoint investments and improves the bottom line.



SharePoint Access through Familiar Environment


Fast Access to Large Documents


Access, Edit and Create Documents Offline


Locate Relevant Documents Easily


Preserves SharePoint Access Security